We recently let loose our three designers, allowing them to come up with their own creative ideas to spruce up the office. They were each given a designated wall, a £100 budget and a two-week time frame to come up with a design that linked in with what we’re about here at Allstar, making it as creative and unique as possible!


Stacey’s Design – ‘Bringing the Outdoors In’

As most of us are in the office all day and don't really get to see much of the great outdoors, Stacey wanted to bring the outdoors, in! She used real moss to create the living Allstar canvas, which not only looks great, but also increases the air quality in the office, boosting our concentration due to the plants ability to reduce excess carbon dioxide in the air!

At the bottom of the wall, Stacey sketched then painted free-hand a ‘social hub’ mural, adding some paint splats of colour to finish off this quirky design.


Lara’s Design – ‘The Big Picture’

Lara wanted to show our clients how we love to look at the bigger picture when it comes to our projects. With the Allstar pink as the main colour, the vinyl typography points towards "the bigger picture", which when you look closely, is made up of tiny little pictures of us, the Allstar team, as well as various animals dressed as humans – if you can tell the difference. Meaning we make up the big picture…and we can help you see the bigger picture!


Connor’s Design – ‘Create Something Great’

With Connor’s design being in the designers’ area of the office, he wanted it to be an inspiration wall - somewhere the guys can look to if they may need a bit of a creative boost! Connor hand painted the phrase ‘create something great’ onto the wall in a striking bubble of Allstar’s signature pink. Surrounded by funky shapes, he also featured frames and a clipboard that are interchangeable as and when the designers want to add in a new design/print!


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